change the way you think about cloth diapers!

Welcome to itti bitti USA

itti bitti is an Australian company that started in 2005 and has grown phenomenally, with itti bitti diapers now being sold in 25 countries and launching into the USA in March 2011.

Moms worldwide love the ultra trim fit, gorgeous fabrics, superior quality, amazing performance and the rainbow of colors.


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Previews of the NEW itti bitti colors & prints for 2013!

There has been much anticipation and excitement surrounding the new itti bitti prints, after the first sneak peak was released a few weeks ago. We are thrilled to finally show off our five new prints available in all diapers, wetbags, changemats and blankees…  These prints will be on sale late 2012/early 2013.

2013 Limited Edition Prints

The entire itti bitti color range will be also be revamped for 2013, to ensure our colors remain fashion conscious and on trend. We strive to make the very best products possible and the minkee fabric on the new colors also features an upgrade, it is a softer, more velvety minkee and all snaps are now color-matched to the fabric, so they look super sleek.

There are 13 colors in total with 10 of them being available in the bitti d’lish / wetbags and all colors in bitti tutto:

2013 New Color Previews

These new colors will be on sale late 2012.


2013 choices logoIntroducing Choices

One of the most exciting changes that will come with the new colour range is the introduction of “Choices”. Our Snap in style diapers – the bitti tutto and bitti d’lish Snap in One, will be sold as separate pieces, allowing the ultimate customization and maximum flexibility.

2013 choices

“Choices” means that you will buy a diaper shell, then choose your insert, whether that be bamboo or microfibre, or if you prefer, just use the shell and add your own insert or bio-soaker. Multiple inserts can be purchased, ie one shell and three inserts and packs will be available.


itti bitti will change the way you think about cloth diapers!



bitti tutto logo

bitti tutto cloth diaper sizes

a diaper that grows with your child? wise choice


one size fits most from tiny newborn to small child

We’ve eliminated the bulk associated with a lot of one size options and this cleverly designed diaper, fits neat and slim from birth (8lb) right through to a 44lb child! Learn more about bitti tutto